Twitter Growth Hack #3 Use the Right Hashtags

Twitter Growth Hack #3 from TwitStart Grow your twitter Following by using the right hashtags

Twitter Growth Hack #3 Use the Right Hashtags

Studies show that Tweets with 1 or more hashtags are 55% more likely to be retweeted!  Hashtags can increase the effectiveness of your online marketing campaign, but only if they are chosen correctly.  How do you choose the right hashtags that can increase the reach of a specific social media post or a brand campaign?  If you are a startup, you may be wondering how to figure out the primary hashtag you can adopt and use for your campaigns.  Well as this is a growth hack will cut to the hack part.  Use a tool!  There are many tools that help you track, review and analyze a hashtag, there are only a few tools that help you choose the right hashtags.  Try Hashtagify ! it is a free & simple to use tool that gives powerful insights for your hashtag research.  Registering for advanced features like 'usage patterns' are worth the one time free registration.

This is an amazing tool that once you take the time to learn will yield amazing results!  Want to find top influencers, find usage patterns or look at the hashtag wall?  Hashtagify is very powerful and should be in every social media agents tool box!

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